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The Conversion Workshop is - how else can it be? - fully dedicated to increasing the conversion on your website.


  • We start by defining the purpose of the website using tools such as B-Hag and The Why;
  • We describe the target group in a fun way by setting up personas;
  • What does your competitor do well and what would we certainly not imitate? We use the Brand Pyramid to differentiate you from your competition. This, together with determining the budget and planning, is the starting point of the Conversion Workshop.


  • Web design: investigate how we can leave a good first impression. This is important because the visitor will become interested in the proposition;
  • Interaction design: we define per persona which information the visitor needs to evolve into a prospect or customer. We do this by creating ‘paths’ through the website;
  • Copywriting: we prepare the tone of voice and write 'action driven' texts that encourage visitors to click through;
  • Conversion: lastly, we take care of the transaction.

An important part of the Conversion Workshop is determining what a conversion may cost to create a healthy business model. How do we do this? 

Just get in touch! We are happy to share our knowledge.


Want to know all ins & outs?
Contact Bas.


Do you want your website to be a success? The discipline user experience focuses on every aspect of user-friendliness that ultimately leads to the image of your organization. You can think of the interface, visual design, text and layout.