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What is SEA?

Patience is a virtue, but with SEA you achieve immediate results. Cool right? Google offers the possibility to place advertisements above the search results. These are the results where a green block with "Adv." shows at the top of the list. We call this search engine advertising, also known as SEA.

The benefits of search engine advertising

Through SEA it is possible to target the most relevant visitors to your website. 

SEA is interesting because you focus on people who use specific searches and you can immediately see the result of your expenses. The search engines offer their own platform where the advertising campaigns are set up, monitored and optimized. We do this continuously. In order to manage the campaigns as efficiently as possible, expertise is required. We have all the knowledge to get the most out of your SEA campaigns.

Say yeaaaaaah...!


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Did you know that the Netherlands scores highest in terms of reach through social media compared to the rest of Europe? No idea where to start? No worries. We also offer a social media workshop.