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Did you know that the Netherlands scores the highest in terms of reach through social media compared to the rest of Europe? The cool thing about working with social media is to make sure that you create content that is so interesting that people want to share it. We call that going viral. It’s like online word of mouth. Very effective and requires little effort, except for the actual (continued) creation of content.

The core of these new media lies in the dialogue you have with the target group and the reach that you generate with it. But through which channels are you going to do this? Does this fit with the organization? And how should that be done?

Which social media should I bet on?

Where Pinterest can be interesting for a furniture store, it’s not for a healthcare institution. Not every social network is therefore by definition suitable for your organization. LinkedIn is mainly a business network and more suitable for B2B, while consumers are mainly on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. 

A suitable channel for your organization depends, among other things, on where your target group is active and what you want to achieve.

What does Social Media Service mean at PANGAEA?

Social media is only interesting if you actually do something with it. And continue doing it on a regular base! This is often easier than it sounds. Make sure you appoint someone internally who takes care of maintenance and regularly reserves time for it. Our social media expert can advise and support you.

Social Media Monitoring

If something is put on social media, people will react to it. What is being said about your company or brand? By whom and to what extent? To map that out, we perform a Quick Scan, with which we can accurately measure and analyze the online reputation and interaction around your company or brand.

Social Media Campaign

The success of a social media campaign lies in the involvement of the target group with your brand and the reach that you realize during the promotion. What is needed to realize this? First designing and creating smart social media campaigns. We are happy to do that for you.

Social Media Strategie

What do you want to achieve with the use of social media? How do we convert opportunities into concrete actions? Who will be responsible? Is my organization ready for a social media strategy? We tell you why it is important and give you the answer to these questions.

Social Media Webcare

A customer with questions and / or complaints posts it online nowadays and you need to respond with webcare and provide support. Where you can sometimes stand on hold for fifteen minutes by phone, a problem can be solved with 2 'tweets'. Speed! Consumers like that.

Social Media Advertising

It is also possible to advertise very specifically on the basis of, for example, age and education. This is possible with the extensive options of Facebook and LinkedIn Ads.

No idea where to start? No worries. We also offer a social media workshop.


Want to know all ins & outs?
Contact Bas.


PANGAEA has a large network of websites on which you can place your advertisements. The handy thing about affiliate marketing is that you can see exactly what the result is, such as the area of reach and number of sales.