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Go left where others go right

The motto of BRUTE Jeeps, a car brand from Dutch soil! At BRUTE Jeeps, you can make your wildest dreams come true and put together your dream car all by yourself.

Website BRUTE Jeeps

Awesome design

We have set up an awesome website for BRUTE Jeeps. This lead generation webshop brings out strategy, vision and image of the brand.

BRUTE Jeeps are one of a kind, original.


Strategy & marketing

The website of BRUTE Jeeps is set up in such a way that all the USP's come forward and distinguishes itself form the competition.

PANGAEA Digital Agency always actively thinks along with the creation of content and how this should be presented.



BRUTE Jeeps also made an awesome corporate video, a true impression of what BRUTE Jeeps presents and what makes the brand so special.


More awesome

PANGAEA Digital Agency has made the difference on the internet for many customers since 1995. We use the experience we have gained for our new customers and projects to make them successful.


PANGAEA Digital Agency's strategy goes further than just marketing and often affects all parts of the organization. The development of such an online strategy is therefore complex and must be approached in a structured manner. Based on our knowledge and experience, we give 3 workshops to give shape to this.

Exact webshop

A seamless integration of your webshop with Exact Globe and Exact Online. PANGAEA Digital Agency made it happen since 2010. Get everything together in Exact as you are used to and we will give your online sales a boost.