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Exact E-commerce

PANGAEA Digital Agency has the solution voor integrated E-Commerce with Exact Globe and Exact Online



A seamless integration of your Exact webshop with Exact Globe and Exact Online with full warranty.

As a strategic partner of Exact, we extract all necessary data from Exact and put the orders, changes and requests back in Exact.

Almost anything is possible!


We help start-ups, challengers, scale-ups and disruptors to make a difference on the internet. Step in small and let the platform grow with your ambition for turnover and margin.

We work for B2B, D2C and B2C e-commerce customers.

Learn from our 25 years of experience in various industries. We are happy to share our knowledge!

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A seamless integration of your Exact webshop with Exact Globe and Exact Online.

PANGAEA Digital Agency has been making it happen since 2010.


Together, we know how to sell your products as good as possible and boost your sales. Our process is designed in such a way as to maximize cooperation.

We believe that an e-commerce platform becomes really successful when Strategy, Marketing and Technology are seamlessly integrated with each other.

1 | Strategy

We kick-off with the Digital Strategy Workshop, where we define the Strategy, the Visual Design and Customer Journey.

It is an inspiring first step to success!

2 | Marketing

What is your target audience and where is it located on the internet? What does it take to persuade this target group to come to your website and convert to customer and then raving fan!

3 | Technique

The technology consists of Strategy and Marketing and is important to realize the ambitions. The technology ensures seamless integration with Exact and makes it easy for the prospect/customer to order.



Lydis has won the FD Gazellen Award from the FD for 4 years in a row.

Lydis is the leader in the field of IP telephony.


Optimal logistical cooperation between different branches and a central warehouse in the Exact webshop.

  • Insight into stock
  • Connect multiple webshops
  • Orders are processed immediately to order
  • Direct sales to consumer

Business Intelligence

The key numbers of your company at a glance with real-time dashboards. Get instant insight into:

  • Stock levels
  • Placed orders
  • Back-orders
  • Reservations

Seamless Integration

Prevent mistakes and increase efficiency by digitally linking Exact Globe to your other systems.

  • Link multiple webshops in one system
  • Direct contact with the systems of your suppliers
  • Save 10 minutes per order
  • Full control over your stock and orders


PANGAEA Digital Agency has made a difference on the internet for many customers since 1995.

View our Exact cases and discover the possibilities!


Custom advice

Would you like to know what an Exact Integration can mean for your business? Fill in the form down below. We would love to help you with your online succes for your Exact Webshop, integrated with Exact Globe or Exact online.

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