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PANGAEA has developed its own platform based on .NET 4.5 (C #), MVC 5.0, React JS, SQL Server and Elastic.

We developed the platform because we cannot and do not want to wait until the open source platforms are ready for the techniques that we would like to work with. In addition, we often develop new concepts or new applications.

If we were to use a standard platform, it would be 90% customized in no time. So we decided to develop everything ourselves and according to our own standards.


We have developed a modular platform. That means that we can link new pieces of functionality to the platform and disconnect again if we upgrade the application. This allows us to implement deployments in phases and easily click new applications on and off.


  • .NET 4.5 (C #), MVC 5.0 as basis (with elements from
  • React JS, JQuery, Bootstrap and Razor for the HTML / front
  • SQL Server and Elastic as a database. Elastic when it becomes difficult with searching and hyper personalization.
  • Git, NuGet, Teamcity, Octodeploy


  • Project Management / process according to SCRUM
  • We have a separate Product Development team that works on the core of our platform. The implementation teams implement the platform and, incidentally, also participate in the development if that is convenient. Similar to Spotify, watch video (link).


  • Speed. The platform has mainly been developed to be fast. For example, we have a webshop with more than 600,000 articles and pages take between 1 and 1.5 seconds to build.
  • ERP link. All our customers have ERP packages (such as Exact, SAP, AFAS etc) for their logistical and financial handling. Part of our platform is a robust link with ERP systems to seamlessly access article information (incl. Images, stock, customer-specific prices, order history) via the webshop
  • CMS. All basic functionality of a CMS, including inline editing, template dragging and the ability to edit the content on your mobile phone
  • Online store. A webshop, linked to ERP of course, that can easily handle 500,000+ products and that both B2C and B2B can be set up in such a way that what the marketers think up always fits.
  • And another 1,000 things we're not going to tire you out with in here.


  • Artificial Intelligence. We proactively show the visitors of a website which products are interesting for them based on history (if they are already customers) or characteristics (if they are not yet customers). AI also helps to optimize logical paths through the website and adjust them based on visitor behavior
  • Advanced search function based on Elastic where suggestions are made per key click and based on your history or behavior on the website
  • IFTTT. If This Then That is a great way to easily implement hyper personalization
  • 360 degree interface so that you can immediately provide your website with 360 degree images
  • Chat template. With the Chat template, based on a tree structure (in the feature based on AI), the visitor is guided in a whole new way to convert into a customer. We expect that the traditional website will disappear completely in the future. This is a possible replacement for the website
  • Integrated booking engine. We do a lot for hotels all over the world. We expect that an integrated booking engine will increase the conversion enormously. Does this seem simple? haha, well then come and see what this involves 😉


Want to know all ins & outs?
Contact Bas.


An important advantage of apps is that they are multifunctional. You can use them to show the user the most important parts of your website, to share information or to support your staff on the road. The possibilities are endless!